Ductless Air Systems in Niles, Illinois

Up until the last decade, any home that lacked traditional ductwork (others wise known as “ductless”) was not able to be fitted with central air due to a lack of distribution in the home. This set up usually came in the form of hot water baseboard or steam heat and your only option was to use loud, very inefficient, and expensive to run window air conditioners in the rooms you wanted to keep cool.

No More Expensive To Run, Wasteful Window Units

With the modern advancements in technology, the innovation of ductless air conditioning units provides every home owner, regardless of what year your house was constructed or what type of heating system you have installed, the chance to get cool, humidity regulated air in any room of your home. These new systems are very quiet, easy to operate, very efficient to run, and are relatively easy and fast to install. Newer advancements even offer the ability to be “zoned” to cool only certain parts of your home as you need.

Ductless central air systems are relative simple and consist of only three main parts.

Air Cooling Systems - Air Systems in Niles, IL
  • Very quiet indoor air distribution that come in all varieties and styles (some even look like art!)
  • Hidden refrigeration lines linking the unit to the outside
  • An outdoor compressor/condenser to keep noise out of your home
The only parts of the ductless central air system that are visible inside your home are the small holes where the wall mounted distribution units sit. Ductless central air systems tend to be much less visible than just about any other type of heating or cooling system you could have installed in your home. The best part of a ductless central air systems is that you do not have to change any of your homes existing duct work or anything about your existing furnace or boiler.

Key advantages of ductless air conditioning systems:

  • A ductless central air system increases the resale value of your home, and in with Summer temperatures on the rise in Chicagoland, many times central air is required to get any buyer interest
  • Technology has afforded the units to become very small. Many come in beautiful styles and appear to be artwork on your wall
  • Modern Ductless central air systems are very easy to install, and the technology advancements has made it so that the ductless system can be installed with very little or no modification to existing walls
  • Ductless systems are very flexible when it comes to installation – you can choose from floor, ceiling, or wall mounted installations depending on which option would be the least visible and disruptive to your existing layout
  • Ductless systems can be “zone set” to cool specific rooms or joined rooms, even further reducing the operation cost and wasted energy, especially when comparing to traditional window units

Even in some homes that are already outfitted with ducts from a forced hot air heating system can benefit from going ductless. You tend to lose 20% of your cold air as it travels all throughout your homes basement or attic (imagine cooled air going through a duct in a hot summer time attic, or hot air through a very cold cellar).

As more people learn about the benefits of a ductless central air system you'll see less homes sporting those old, energy wasting window units and instead going ductless…be sure to ask an Air Pride expert at 847-965-3415 or (773) 342-0558
about the opportunity to use ductless central air conditioning in your home.